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Buying Topsoil in Bulk

Triple mix topsoil for your gardenBackwoods Excavating is where to buy topsoil in bulk. We offer two types of rich, dark soil: triple mix and screened topsoil. What is triple mix soil? An enhanced blend of top-quality ingredients that includes:

  • 30% organic compost (rotted plant material)
  • 10% low odour manure
  • 60% fine topsoil.

Bulk Topsoil Prices

Backwoods Excavating has competitive topsoil prices per cubic yard when buying topsoil in bulk. We offer low cost options for buying both screened topsoil and our triple mix soil. 

   Order bulk topsoil Topsoil
    $24/cubic yard + delivery*

    Triple Mix Soil
    $29/cubic yard + delivery*

*Delivery fee depends on distance and amount of topsoil being delivered. CALL to get accurate pricing.

Not sure how much to order?
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Order Topsoil

When placing an order for bulk topsoil, allow 1 business day from the time you placed your order to delivery. If same-day delivery is required, please contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs. A minimum order of 1 cubic yard is required for delivery - which is approximately how much soil is in a typical big yellow bag in Hamilton most people are familiar with. For delivery rates, please contact Backwoods Excavating. 

Bulk Topsoil Delivery

When buying topsoil in bulk, Backwoods Excavating has multiple delivery vehicles that are available to accommodate any load size required by your home or organization. A light truck will transport and drop off bulk topsoil orders of up to 3 cubic yards, while a dump truck will be used for deliveries 4 cubic yards or more. To maintain optimal quality of our special blend of bulk topsoil, self-pickup is not an available option.


  • Customer or customer assigned person must be present at time of delivery 
  • Bylaws often prevent the dumping of bulk soil on city roads, but may be possible in more rural locations.
  • Please pay delivery driver before load of topsoil is dumped